No Dogs?
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I have been asked this question a lot since the announcement of the PIBBLE march 8 months ago. Dogs are not allowed at the march because, simply put, dogs cannot change laws, the U.S. Capitol is not a dog park and this is not an opportunity to make it one. This is an opportunity for humans to be their voice. Having dogs there provides no impact and offers no solutions to ending discrimination and abuse. In addition, putting any dog of any breed in a stressful situation while trying to advocate for them is wreckless and quite honestly, stupid. This event is happening for two very specific reasons: to end discrimination and abuse. The only way that can happen is if humans attend. I can understand wanting to bring your dog, but the United States Capitol West Lawn will be respected. People have died for me in order to exercise my first amendment right on that lawn and I will not have it (literally) shit on. This is a privilege I don't take lightly. In addition, we have no control over who's on the other end of the leash. If people didn't pick up after their dogs or people brought dogs who aren't good in stressful situations and an incident occurred, it would be detrimental to its entire purpose. There is zero reason to risk that. If a disabled person wants to attend with their service animal, that is their right but no other dogs will be allowed at this event and that will not be changing and it will be strongly enforced. If anyone decides to throw their middle finger up at the rules and bring their dog anyway, I would strongly suggest you think again. If you do not want to attend because you feel your dog should be there, there are many other ways you can support ending discrimination (BSL) and abuse.

We all have a First Amendment right to organize a march on Washington, D.C. and I encourage everyone to do just that. Every year. Every month. Or every week. Whatever it takes for as long as it takes to end discrimination and abuse. And when you do, you will soon learn it is not easy. It is an enormous undertaking and logistical nightmare and this property is sacred ground and taken very seriously. There are extreme rules and regulations and there is absolutely no tolerance for anything other than following those rules. Ultimately, whether you agree or not, I am doing what is best for an event of this magnitude and for the specific causes for which it's being done. This is being done on behalf of dogs and is the best and most effective way to do it. If dogs could fix these issues, they would have done it a long time ago but they don't have thumbs and lick themselves so it's hard for legislators to take them seriously. Pibbles get to sit this one out. It's on humans to be their voice. Humans created this mess and humans must fix it.

I have been criticized, verbally attacked and physically threatened because of this march. I've been told "I'm not qualified to speak on behalf of pit bulls" and I have been made aware that many foundations and groups in the animal community (I will leave them nameless... for now.) are sitting back and waiting to see if this will "fail". To all of this is say, "shame on you.." In addition, NOTHING will EVER stop me from advocating for this breed and doing all I can to put an end to abuse and discrimination. I have no personal agenda here. I have made not one single dollar. This is all because of a rescued Pibble named Angel. She came into my life and she changed it. She inspired me to educate myself and by doing so I learned doing nothing was not an option. So whether 10 people or 10 thousand people show up at the rally, it will never be a "failure" because I tried. The fact that this hasn't been done before now is shocking to me. I'm not doing this to gain your adoration or make friends. As a matter of fact, I've lost friends because of my cause. I am doing this to save dogs and I will never be deterred until the hate stops. My hope is that one day people will put their agendas, greed, and egos aside and join together to put an end to the horrors of what I believe are a direct reflection of our society and by doing so create a better and safer place for us and our children to live. Until then, May 3, 2014 I will be on the West Lawn of the United States Capitol attending a NO DOGS ALLOWED rally and proudly give them the voice they rightfully deserve. I encourage you to set aside your fears and agendas and join in this effort because if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

"The hardest part about saving dogs is humans." -- Rebecca Corry

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