'No English, No Service' Diner Shuts Its Doors

The Reedy Creek Diner made headlines with its infamous "No English, No Service" sign.

Now it's closed.

But Greg Simmons says it has nothing to do with business, but instead his mother's declining health, according to MyFox 8. "I don't wont to close, but I can't run the restaurant and be there for my family at the same time," Simmons told the Fox affiliate.

Simmons maintains that the original posting of the sign wasn't intended to be racist, but was simply a matter of function. However, the Lexington, North Carolina restaurant took down the sign after some were outraged at its apparently racist nature, according to Fox News Latino.

"We started getting threatening phone calls and people using colorful language if you will," Simons told Fox.

While the nature of the sign remains a subject of debate, it didn't discriminate against any one language. "Everybody's money is green as far as I'm concerned," Simons told MyFox 8.