No excuses. Time for Congress to

Right now, Congressional humans don't actually read the legislation they vote on. Citizens like us don't have the time to make our voice heard before passage. This is really bad, but as of Wednesday afternoon, we have the beginning of a solution.

Bipartisan sponsors Reps. Baird (D-WA) and Culberson (R-TX) introduced the "72 Hour Rule" in House Resolution 554 this week, and in so doing have taken us one step closer to greater transparency. Perhaps more importantly, they've given us a chance to improve the dialogue between members of Congress and the people who elected.

But H. RES. 554 needs a lot more support in Congress.

The Sunlight Foundation has made it easy for you to sign a petition and call your representative to ask him or her to co-sponsor the bill. It's simple and important. The goal is to deliver 15,000 signatures of support for the bill before Congress recesses in August.

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Mandating that there be 72 hours before Congress considers a bill doesn't guarantee a solution to the problem, but it sure is a big first step.