No Father Deserves the Montana Fishburne Porno Treatment

There are hundreds of jokes that could be made here but none of them would really be funny. Montana Fishburne is the daughter of Hajna Moss-Fishburne and celebrated, world-famous actor Laurence Fishburne. Montana, in her effort to launch her career in porn, did her best to embarrass and hurt her father... and to that end, probably succeeded.

What she gained in the process, Mo'Kelly isn't sure. What she lost, is too much for words to adequately express and convey.

Montana Fishburne is obviously angry at her father, in ways probably not easily understood by you, me or anyone else of the general public. Odds are, she's been mad for quite some time. This clearly wasn't an overnight decision. This was cold, calculated and meant to irreparably injure. There's no other way to look at it. Some readers are likely jumping up and down right now, swearing Mo'Kelly has absolutely no basis to make such a claim.

How wrong they would be...

Montana Fishburne's new "career" as a porn "star" reeks of an untold level of contempt, disrespect and utter disregard for her father. Instead of going the Nicolas Cage route (who hid his relationship to uncle Francis Ford Coppola), Montana took the more unconventional approach of launching a "movie" career... in pornography, trumpeting her REAL name and famous "A-List actor" father... (as advertised on the very packaging).

(Yes, she goes by the stage name "Chippy D" but has conducted interviews, acknowledging her famous father and the box promotion of the video highlights the fact that she's the daughter of an "A-List" celebrity.)

We can reasonably assume Laurence Fishburne has no interest in obliquely linking his name, career (and daughter) to the porn industry.

Mo'Kelly has no children but I can imagine the untold sadness this would bring any father who loves his daughter. Anger? Of course. But the sadness must be tremendous.

It must be unspeakable.

Again, such decisions by Montana reek of an untold level of contempt, disrespect and utter disregard for her father. Who is to say how and why it came to this point? And honestly, with the exception of something ostensibly unforgivable/criminal on the part of the father, this is ALL on the daughter.

Every bit of it.

Montana has no "career" without throwing the family name and father's celebrity under the bus. This was personal and premeditated...and it saddens Mo'Kelly to no end. I can't even fathom how Montana's father must feel.

If your first step to "celebrity" is a sex tape promoted in part by a parent's famous surname you should be ashamed and it can't be said any clearer. It is not mitigated by any starring role in a future reality TV show or any amount of royalties or residuals. It's shameful...period.

(Yes, that means you too Kim Kardashian... just FYI. But Kimbo is a different discussion for a different day.)

But Mo'Kelly digresses...

"Shame" is probably not a word in Montana's vocabulary, given her latest behavior, but it should be at the top of her vocabulary study list in between her "movie scenes."

Teenagers have been known to lash out at their parents since God created adolescence. In basic terms, this is nothing new. All of us know somebody who intentionally wrecked "Daddy's car" or smashed "Mommy's china set" in a fit of post-pubescent rage. Just because "Daddy" is a world-famous actor in this instance, it does not exempt the family from such misfortune.

The worst part is that in less than a decade from today, Montana AT BEST will be washed up, used up... and probably finally realizing that the only person she irrevocably damaged was herself. Yes, Montana Fishburne is an "adult" and free to live her life as she pleases, including disrespecting herself to the nth degree.


If Montana is "adult" enough (pun intended) to star in pornography, then she should be "adult" enough to endure the rightfully-earned criticism that comes with defecating on her father in the process of launching her career. This genie can't ever be put back in the bottle and no father deserves the Montana Fishburne treatment.

No father...

I wish I could be there the exact moment Montana eventually realizes this truth.

Morris W. O'Kelly (Mo'Kelly) is author of the syndicated entertainment and socio-political column The Mo'Kelly Report. For more Mo'Kelly, Mo'Kelly can be reached at and he welcomes all commentary.