No Ford Nation: Fake Campaign Lampoons Toronto's Buffoon Mayor

Though Internet favorite Rob Ford provides oodles of laughs and cringes, not everyone in his jurisdiction finds the Toronto mayor's antics amusing.

In an effort to bring down the crack-smoking, cuss-ranting mayor, a campaign called No Ford Nation has begun to openly mock Ford through a Facebook page, a website and now, a number of Toronto-area signs. The campaign banners feature fake candidates and slogans meant to needle Ford's government policies and personal missteps.

No Ford Nation states its purpose outright on its website:

For over three and a half years Rob Ford has been damaging our city’s reputation. With the upcoming election we have a chance to turn things around by electing someone who is qualified to be our mayor. Our mission is to ensure that the next mayor is a genuine leader that can properly represent Toronto. It’s up to voters to choose someone fit for the job. writes that No Ford Nation's founder Christina Robins started the Facebook page in 2011 in response to the mayor's cuts to municipal services, as well as his my-way-or-the-highway approach to decision-making.

At present, the Facebook page has more than 3,200 likes. Robins said the new ad campaign around Toronto uses humor and spin on Ford's own words to enlighten voters about their options in the upcoming election.

“Our point is if you’re gonna vote for Ford you might as well vote for this guy,” she said. “Quite frankly, the guy who says he’ll only smoke pot in office is better than Ford.”



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