MRA Group Searches For 'Beautiful Virgin' Brides With Intact Hymens

"No Hymen No Diamond" is the group's actual slogan.

"If they weren't good enough for the one they gave it up to, why would they be good enough for you?"

That's the logic behind a Facebook page called "No Hymen No Diamond," which encourages men to put a ring on it only if the woman in question is still a virgin. Ladies, don't these dudes sound like real marriage material?

The men's rights activist (MRA) community of more than 1,100 users shames women for embracing their sexuality and cautions helpless men against marrying ladies who dare to... do pretty much anything with their bodies that the same men declare untoward. The group shares posts with the charming hashtags #NoHymenNoDiamond and #PoppedCherryDontMarry.

Warning: Some of the content below may be considered graphic for some readers.

#NoHymenNoDiamond #PoppedCherryDontMarry

Posted by No Hymen No Diamond on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"They say one mans trash is another man's treasure... But you won't see us sifting through the garbage for a wife!" reads one of the page's posts. Swoon!

"True women are all my equals, whom I adore and respect, but I see modern women more like disgusting, primitive and disturbed animals, or subhuman at best," reads another. Equality indeed!

In one of the most disturbing interactions on the page, a moderator behind "No Hymen No Diamond" replied to a comment with a statistic about women fantasizing about rape, and explained that it meant "the majority of women can't be raped." (Spoiler alert: Rape fantasies don't preclude the existence of rape. They are two very, very, very different things.)

According to The Daily Dot, the phrase "No Hymen No Diamond" may have been created with the intent of trolling, but has since expanded. In a post from May 24th, the group acknowledged that it was aware women found the page offensive, but made it clear the group's views would remain unchanged. "Maybe you should have done the smart thing and kept those thunder thighs closed until marriage!" reads the post. (See below.)

#NoHymenNoDiamond has really gotten some women pretty fired up, and as always, we understand why.Knowing that a...

Posted by No Hymen No Diamond on Sunday, May 24, 2015

Besides the fact that the entire premise of the group is shamey and disgusting, the men behind "No Hymen No Diamond" fail to mention that an intact hymen is a pretty poor indicator of whether or not a woman has had vaginal intercourse. Many things can stretch a woman's hymen open aside from having sex, according to Planned Parenthood, including riding a bicycle or inserting a tampon.

"No Hymen No Diamond" also (unsurprisingly) doesn't seem to consider a man's previous sexual partners a relationship dealbreaker. Unfortunately, this double standard and the hateful ideology of "No Hymen No Diamond" exist outside of the group's Facebook page. There are online forums where men discuss whether they want "virgin wives," and Twitter and Instagram posts using the #NoHymenNoDiamond hashtag.

"No Hymen No Diamond" may seem like an isolated dark corner of the Internet, but it's just an extreme symptom of a culture that shames women for being sexual beings.

Clarification: This article has been updated to reflect that the page may have been started with the intent of trolling.

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