21 Remarks Everyone With A Unique Name Is Tired Of Hearing

Pretty sure Beyoncé doesn't have to deal with this.

So you have a unique name. Big whoop. Considering you've had this name since the womb, you're not particularly phased by it being ~unique~ or whatever.

In fact, you probably don't give your name much thought at all. You have way better things to do with your time. Not that you have any beef with your name, it's just weird to think about.

But don't worry, when you meet new people, there's always that special someone who reminds you that your name is super duper different. And the best part? You get to answer all their fun and not-at-all-intrusive questions about your name! Wait, no. That's super annoying. 

Here are a few classic remarks that come to mind:

  • 1 "Wow, what a neat name! That’s sounds so UNIQUE. I LOVE IT."
  • 2 "What does your name mean?"
  • 3 "Is it short for something?"
  • 4 "How do you spell it?"
  • 5 "Your name is, like, soooo exotic!"
  • 6 "How do you pronounce it?"
  • 7 "Can you repeat that, but slower?"
  • 8 "Am I saying that right?"
  • 9 "Ooh, that's a tough one to pronounce. Do you have a nickname you like to go by?"
  • 10 "What nationality are you?"
  • 11 "OMG, what's the craziest spelling Starbucks has given your name?"
  • 12 "Do you like your name?"
  • 13 "Are you sad that your name is never printed on keychains and mugs at gift shops?"
  • 14 "Can I just call you [INSERT TERRIBLE ABBREVIATION HERE]?"
  • 15 "What made your parents name you that?"
  • 16 "Have you ever met someone else with your name?"
  • 17 "I don't think I've ever met anyone with that name before!"
  • 18 "You probably got to use your real name for every online username ever!"
  • 19 "Does your name mean anything in another language?"
  • 20 "Where’s your name from? What's its origin?"
  • 21 "What's your last name? Is it just as ~interesting~?"

Honestly, at this point, you should just change your name to something that is actually worthy of this line of questioning.





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