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'I Have No Idea What I'm Doing' Meme Dog's Owners Know Exactly What They Are Doing

Dogs are pretty amazing by themselves, but people really start drooling over them once they get all dressed up.

It happens all the time. One day, it's just a pug. But then Halloween (or Christmas, or no occasion in particular) rolls around and suddenly, it's a pug in a leopard-print bra. The photo gets shared on Facebook, and then bloggers blog about it.

But then there's Bailey. Bailey, the Internet has decided, is special.

The craze started as a dad-joke level meme featuring the golden retriever sitting at a computer, but now the Internet is just too hot for this bitch. Daily Dot published a gallery of newly released Bailey photos earlier this month, all of which are equally goofy in a way that led some to call for her emancipation from the servitude of Internet meme-dom.

Bailey "captured the heart of millions of dads' Microsoft Outlook desktop apps," but now her owners must be stopped, Gawker's Alexsander Chan argued.

Probably not happening. The bounty of fame is too rich, the rewards too savory.

"She's been liking all the treats she's been getting lately, since we've been taking more pictures," Bailey's owner John Nebbia told Omaha's WOWT.

Fame = treats!!!

Unlike their dog, the Nebbias know exactly what they're doing. John and his fiance, Alex, told the station that they'd like to get Bailey on Fallon, and they've been playing extra nice on Reddit in an apparent effort to stay true to their roots.

We've got two words for you, Bailey: Air Bud.