No Impact Week Webcasts With Vokle

Thursday 10/22 at 9 PM join Colin Beavan and Gilliana Caldwell, Campaign Director of 1Sky.

You are invited to participate and ask questions!

System requirements:

Anyone can ask questions through the chat, but for video questions you'll need a direct connection to DSL or cable modem (wireless is not recommended if you want to ask video questions) and latest version of flash, download here.You must also have a web-cam and earphones in order to ask live video questions.

Here is a full list of speakers and times for our web series.

Monday, 10/19 at 9 pm est: Q&A with Colin, Bill McKibben, author of Deep Economy and Betsy Taylor, Founder of Center for a New American Dream
Tuesday, 10/20 at 9 pm est: Q&A with Colin and the NRDC's Rich Kassel, Senior Attorney and Director for the Clean Fuels and Vehicles Project
Wednesday, 10/21 at 9 pm est: Q&A with Colin and Patty Lovera, Assistant Director of Food and Water Watch

Thursday, 10/22 at 9 pm est: Q&A with Colin and Gillian Caldwell, Campaign Director of 1Sky

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