No Jewelry Is The New Jewelry: Why You Won't Catch Me In Lots Of Accessories (PHOTOS)

Why I Don't Like Wearing Lots Of Jewelry
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You know how Coco Chanel said "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off." I just take it all off. In fact, I never bother to put any accessories on to begin with.

I have a decent amount of jewelry I've amassed over the years (I actually like collecting it), but I just can't ever seem to get out the door wearing it. In the same way some women feel uncomfortable wearing a bright shade of lipstick, I feel particularly uneasy wearing too much jewelry. So many women look fantastic wearing a big piece of costume jewelry or piles of bracelets, but I always feel a bit unlike myself.

This is me at my most blinged out.

Initially it was a utilitarian thing: Clanging bangles against my desk were quickly tossed back in my bag, earrings caught in my scarf were immediately taken out. Jewelry is kind of a hassle, no? Ultimately, and this is a personal stance, it may come down to the fact that I think no jewelry is the most elegant option for me. In the way barely-there makeup is so becoming, I feel similarly about minimal to zero jewelry. It's been my unofficial policy for the office, weekends, nights out, even fancy-ish parties. I actually love wearing no jewelry at more formal events while everyone else blings it out. I feel more easy-going (read: comfortable). And it's not just me: I've noticed more and more women are taking this approach to the red carpet, eschewing the standard load of rented jewels, and instead letting their gorgeous hair and dress do the talking.

To drive my point home, I've rounded up 23 lovely ladies who look, in my opinion, even better sans accessories. Are you with me?

Blake Lively

No Jewelry Is The New Jewelry