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No Labels "Non-Party" Equals "Four More Years" for Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, Grand Theft USA

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From the shadows, a "non-party" has emerged called the No Labels, claiming to be comprised of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. The other 63 parties in the USA are not mentioned. This organization is suspect, and I respectfully outline what I believe below so as to encourage a deliberative discussion of why No Labels does NOT pass my smell test.... not even close.


I, Robert Steele, believe the following:

1. Michael Bloomberg wants to be President.

2. Wall Street wants Michael Bloomberg to be President not because Barack Obama has failed them, but because he has so visibly pandered to them. The elite mob includes Burson-Marsteller, the Clintons and Joe Lieberman as well as Peter Peterson and David Walker (former Comptroller General who declared US insolvent in 2007 without being witting of financial crimes legalized by the Clintons and sanctified by Bush II and then Obama).

3. Two third party groups have been started, one on the West Coast, one on the East Coast, both focused on convergence in the middle with Michael Bloomberg as the "natural" antithesis to the Republican and Democratic alternatives. Both are eligible for and will channel massive funding from corporations exercising their ill-gotten "personality" rights.

4. Michael Bloomberg represents "four more years" for Wall Street.

5. A careful examination of the names behind various independent movements shows that this may as well be the Wall Street wing of the Democratic party, and essentially a fraudulent representation of non-partisanship after Bloomberg failed to fit into the "bi-partisan" model that has destroyed American prestige. He was unwilling to entertain transpartisan or post partisan in 2008, he still does not get it -- this is advertising, not from his spiritual center.

6. Michael Bloomberg does not have and is not likely to have a commitment to electoral reform, a commitment to a Coalition Cabinet announced in advance and participating in Cabinet-level debates, or a strategic analytic model for governance that stops selling out to the phantom finance world of Wall Street and starts supporting the asset-based economy of Main Street.

7. The No Labels "Non-Party" is a much stronger reprise of the "Unity '08″ attempt by party apparatchiks. The new apparatchik endeavor may mount the first billion dollar campaign in US political history.

In the context of the above, the only way that President Barack Obama can defeat Michael Bloomberg in 2012 is to do the following:

1. Introduce the Electoral Reform Act to Congress when it convenes in January, and demand a roll-call vote in both houses with no changes. Anyone voting against it will be scheduled for Presidential attention in a grass-roots recall movement across America to culminate on the 4th of July 2011 with special appointments of all those appointed by Governors to replace the recalled recalcitrants.

2. Elevate the kitchen Coalition Cabinet he has been playing around with (which has terrified both the Pelosi wing of the Democratic Party and the Wall Street wing) and get serious about Whole of Government, starting with funding for an Open Source Agency (OSA) under diplomatic auspices that includes Tony Zinni's Strategy Center and Robert Steele's Multinational Decision-Support Centre within the World Brain and Global Game.

3. Listen to Chuck Spinney, Michael Hudson and Chris Martenson, get a new Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that can speak truth to power and create decision-support for Whole of Government as well as all eight tribes of intelligence. It might be worthwhile to promote Leon Panetta back to Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and have the Vice President heavily invested in connecting reality from the OSC to widget shuffling at OMB in the context of a balanced honest budget.

This is not rocket science. All it takes is integrity. Right now, this minute, neither Bloomberg nor Obama nor any other likely candidate for President has the integrity that is required to lead America back to its cultural center. IMHO.

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