Why This Stanford Professor Bans Laptops From His Classroom


It goes without saying that technology has transformed the way we learn, from how we receive information to the ways in which we process it. Stanford University professor Jim Steyer believes that technology can also be a problematic distraction, which is why he chooses to ban laptops in his larger lecture classrooms.

Steyer joined HuffPost Life host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani and Design Meets Mind founder Marcus Wright to discuss why he limits the use of technology and why it's so important.

"Quite simply, the students don't pay attention if they have their laptops open," Steyer said. "They just can't control themselves from Facebooking or getting on Instagram and other stuff, so I make them take notes the old fashioned way -- by hand -- and it's proven to be very successful and the students appreciate it. And a bunch of other Stanford professors now do the same thing."

Steyer also explained that technology -- when used wisely -- can be incredibly helpful for learning. However, he found that it's best kept outside of the larger lecture format where it's particularly easy to lose focus.

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation in the video above to hear more about Steyer's ban on technology in the classroom.