'No-Makeup November' Will Allegedly Help Women Find Their 'True Beauty'

While many have been abstaining from shaving this month in order to raise awareness about prostate and testicular cancer, some women have been going makeup-free in order to discover their "true beauty."

The "No-Makuep November" campaign was launched last year by girls' Christian group Rave Ministries, and has about 4,000 participants this year. The group's website explains how foregoing makeup is in fact a spiritual act:

For the 30 days of November we will go to war. Every morning when we awake and are tempted to head straight for our makeup bags that we have hidden away in our closets we will think of our Creator. We will hear Him telling us that we are made in His image. The whispers of His Spirit will remind us of our worth and once again we will press on. Day by day as we go through this journey we pray that our focus becomes less based on the fact that we aren’t wearing any makeup, and instead, focused intently on the lessons that we are learning from the greatest makeup artist of all times -- God.

While we're all for recognizing and celebrating women's bodies as they are, makeup is not inherently a bad thing. A woman who wears makeup can be just as cognizant of her inner beauty and true worth as one who doesn't.

[h/t The Gloss]



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