10 Comics That Will Speak To You If You're Totally Sick Of Dating

So much swipe fatigue.

Are you at the point where you’re debating deleting Tinder and just having your grandma set you up with someone? If the answer is “yeah, maybe,” we’ve found an Instagram account that will speak to you.

On Doodles By Jess, Amsterdam-based art director Jessica Stahl draws super relatable cartoons illustrating her daily life. Some of our favorite doodles document her frustrating experiences with modern dating:

And less-than-generous sex partners:

Thank you for presuming to know my body better than myself

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We know that guy, too.

The 27-year-old illustrator told The Huffington Post that her doodles are based on her own life and observations of people around her. When it comes to dating, her cartoon heroine is “a series of contradictions.”

“She’s someone who doesn’t want to be tied down, but who is also still searching for love,” Stahl explained. “She embraces her sexuality and is comically realizing that her preconceived notions about men and dating are way off the mark.”

See more of Stahl’s illustrations below, or head to her Instagram to see them all.

When your Tinder matches are 100 percent *not* what you expected
When the only thing you're really sure about is that Ryan Gosling would make a great husband

They didn't agree on much, but their love for #ryangosling in #lalaland was undeniable

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When you realize cuddling is the worst
And when you just give up and Tinder fully supports your decision

Thanks #tinder for giving it to me straight

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