This App Will Stop Everyone From Leaving You Annoying Voicemails

Sweet release!

Voicemail is the worst.

Thankfully, a new app called No More Voicemail delivers what it promises. Install it on your Android device or iPhone, follow some basic instructions, and anyone who calls you will be redirected to an endless ringtone if you decide not to pick up.

So long, college alumni association. Farewell, cable company. Sorry, mom.

The Huffington Post tested the app and found that it performs as promised -- no funny business. While you might hear your phone vibrate or ring the normal number of times, the caller will be left on the other end with an unending ringtone -- and will never get the opportunity to leave a message.

You only have to open the app once, and it doesn't require any weird permissions to gather your data, access your Facebook page or whatever.

Be real: Voicemails are a waste of time. Especially in the era of the smartphone and messaging apps, they've become awkward, inefficient ways to deliver simple information. Worse, they usually require a return phone call anyway, so they hardly accomplish anything that a "missed call" notification wouldn't.

There are notable exceptions, sure, but nine times out of 10? Just email or text, please. Especially since anyone with No More Voicemail isn't giving you a choice.