No, Mr. President. NO!

I believe in second chances, but putting George W. Bush in charge of the Haiti Relief Effort along with Bill Clinton, with millions of U.S. dollars involved, is a crime.
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I believe in compassion. I believe in second chances. But putting former president George W. Bush in charge of the Haiti Relief Effort, along with former President Bill Clinton, with millions of U.S. dollars involved, is a crime.

No, President Obama. NO! You cannot take this step. It is like opening the door to looters and thieves. This act must be undone. It is not bi-partisan. It is foolhardy, and shows the degree to which the Bush and Cheney drones are still undermining real change that must take place, top to bottom in Washington. It is totally, absolutely, completely wrong.

George W. Bush already has two strikes against him. The Katrina Disaster response is one. The kidnapping of Haiti's President Jean-Bertrand Aristide by U.S. forces in 2004 is another. In 2006, Haitian citizens and four human rights groups filed legal action against US for kidnapping President Aristide and fomenting the coup

The 2006 complaint cited U.S. support for a systematic campaign -- under the Bush Administration -- to undermine democratic government, funding and military support of opposition and paramilitary groups, and the kidnapping of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide by U.S. forces.

Should Obama put a fox in charge of the chicken coop? No, Mr. President. You've made a big mistake. Admit it and rescind the invitation.

What Haiti needs is visionaries, not vacuous placeholders. We need Haiti relief leadership that understands how to create sustainable solutions and restore human dignity. We need visionary business leaders, not politicians, who can help guide the people's reconstruction of their own devastated country.

We don't need Bush (and implicitly Cheney and his wrecking crew) to hand U.S. aid money over to their favored industrial crones who view Haiti as a sweatshop, and Haitians their underpaid labor.