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No Need to Raise Your Voice: How to Get Your Children to Listen...and Do

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I reached my limit last week, my kids were out of control! I needed to do something fast and effective to get them to listen and follow directions. So I decided to invest about $80 into the solution. I purchased nearly 100 little toys for my son and daughter. I bought various items like My Little Pony characters, Mini Lego people, play necklaces, rings, washable tattoos, and mini-fire trucks. After compiling my cache of toys, I created a list of common chores that my kids are responsible for throughout the day. I also had them come up with two chores that they could add to the list. Together, we wrote, shared, and agreed to this contract:

Family Chore Contract

-First time listening (following an instruction 5 seconds after it was given)

-Talking like a big kid and not whining

-Doing what I am told without asking "why"

-Eating all my food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner without complaining

-Keeping the playroom clean and organized

-Keeping my room clean and organized

-Helping mom or dad when they need help

-Doing my homework

-Going to bed on time AND staying in my room

*All of these things will be checked off at the end of the day, if I can do all of this, then I will get to pick out ONE toy or item the following morning.

I agree to these terms:





Yes, my kids will get a toy everyday (we will stretch this out to a star system in the next two months, but for less than a $1 a day I get piece of mind and retain my sanity as a parent!

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