Whoops! The NFL Didn't Get Through A Whole Month Without An Arrest (UPDATE)

Most NFL players were on their best behavior in September.

UPDATE: Oct. 7 -- Despite earlier reports that the NFL had gone a full calendar month without a player arrest for the first time in six years, the arrest of one NFL player did prevent the league from breaking its streak. Tennessee Titans wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham was arrested the night of Sept. 30 for an unpaid speeding ticket, The Tennessean reported Tuesday. 

Previous reports were based on USA Today and The San Diego Tribune's arrest databases, which hadn't recorded Green-Beckham's arrest at the time of publishing. USA Today has since updated their database to reflect the arrest.  


The NFL has no shortage of players with rap sheets. Thirty three players have been arrested in 2015, according to The San Diego Tribune's NFL arrest database. Whether it's Aaron Hernandez or Aldon Smith, football players making headlines for committing crimes feels like a routine part of the news cycle.

This past September, however, not a single NFL player was arrested, as Reuters reporter Mike Rosenberg pointed out on Thursday.  

No September arrests also means no punishments have been doled out by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. In 2015 already, players have been suspended for a total of nine games, losing out on income and playing time. Job security-wise, this also means no players had to be cut because of an arrest. Out of the 33 NFL player arrests in 2015, tw of them lead to the player being released by his team. 

A clean month for the league should also see the NFL player arrest rate drop. It's already significantly lower than those of men ages 20-39 in the general population, an August study from the Journal of Criminal Justice found. The problem, however, is that NFL players are more likely to be arrested for violent crimes

The last player arrest came in late August, when San Francisco 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks was charged with sexual battery.  


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