No One Is Happier 'Bachelor In Paradise' Is Back Than Ashton Kutcher

Dude, where's my guilty pleasure?

For someone who’s starred in his fair share of romantic comedies, Ashton Kutcher hasn’t tired of the genre. Instead, he’s leaned all the way in to become a card-carrying member of Bachelor Nation. 

The actor doesn’t play when it comes to the reality dating show, so, naturally, he geeked out during a “Good Morning America” segment, which aired the day after ABC announced “Bachelor in Paradise” would resume filming following an investigation into misconduct on set.

“I’m so happy ‘Paradise’ is back,” Kutcher told the hosts. “I was worried. I was concerned.”

Production on the fourth season of “Bachelor in Paradise” halted earlier this month amid an investigation into allegations of inappropriate sexual activities between contestants Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson. On Tuesday, Warner Bros, ABC’s parent company, concluded the official investigation into the incident and determined the footage “does not support any charge of misconduct by a cast member.”

As “Bachelor in Paradise” doesn’t premiere until later this summer, Kutcher is more than happy to watch the franchise’s flagship series, given he and wife Mila Kunis popped up in a recent episode to help Rachel Lindsay find love. 

“Monday night, it’s like a religion in our house,” he said. “In fact, I haven’t watched this week [of ‘The Bachelorette’] because I was here and [Mila] was there and so we’re saving it, because this is our thing.”

“It’s unbelievable, that show. It’s like the greatest social experiment of all time,” he added. 

Of course, every good “Bachelor” fan knows that lovingly making fun of the show and contestants is the only way to watch, so Kutcher and Kunis have developed a viewing strategy to keep things interesting. 

“We turn the volume off and we watch the one-on-one dates, and then she does the voice of the girl and I do the voice of the guy,” Kutcher explained. “It’s literally, like, ‘Are you gonna eat the chicken? No, I’m not gonna eat the chicken.’ You ever notice they never eat on that show?!”

Um, can someone please order this show straight to series? 

Watch Kutcher’s full interview below. 

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