No One Missed the Point of Tutu Gate

By now you have heard about "Tutu Gate." Monika Allen was asked by SELF Magazine if they could use her picture for an upcoming issue. She of course said yes. SELF never explained what they were going to use the picture for. So Monika, a cancer survivor and avid runner, was shocked to see her picture turn up in the "BS" section calling tutus "lame."

Monika posted it on Glam Runner (even when you read her posts you can see how much class she has) which was shared by an organization she supports called Girls On The Run. Then NBC San Diego ran the story.

SELF's Facebook page was filled with comments. Because of so many comments and so many stories about it, SELF issued an apology.

What I have noticed about this story is that people say that others "missed the point." It was said numerous times. So many people were angered and upset, then others would say that they "missed the point."

There was a large amount of people who were upset because SELF made fun of tutus. It is not rare at all for runners to run in a tutu. Why SELF would make fun of it was strange in itself. The tutu is very common and honestly, who cares what anyone runs in.

Then some said it was not about the tutu at all. Those people "missed the point." Why would SELF make fun of runners? Running is a wonderful sport that millions of people do. There are no size restrictions to be a runner. Anyone can be a runner. Runners bond and stick together. Why would SELF degrade runners?

Then some said it was not about the tutu or running at all. Those people "missed the point." The fact that Monika is battling brain cancer and runs should have been the focus, not the tutu. Why would SELF mock Monika? Do they even know what tutus mean to her? In the famed picture, Monika's friend had a bib that said "Die Tumor Die." How could SELF miss that? How could SELF worry about the tutu and not the bib?

Then some said it was not about the tutu, running, or cancer. Those people "missed the point." Monika is a woman and why on Earth would a woman's magazine mock a woman? Why is there even a BS section? Why is SELF acting elitist?

Then some said it was not about the tutu, running, cancer or women. Those people "missed the point." Why are we degrading any human at all? Why would we call anyone "lame"?

I will tell you something. No one missed the point. Not in my eyes. Everyone (except SELF Magazine) got the point.

See, Monika did nothing wrong. She was asked by a magazine to use a picture. She said yes. They used it in a deceitful way. Monika was not happy about it and I can tell you that SELF did not care. If they did, they would have tried to make it right before anyone heard about it. Bullies usually do not care until they have to.

So Monika posted it on her page. Then others posted it. Then everyone posted it. People who loved tutus posted about it. People who support women posted about it. People who run posted about it. People who have lost loved ones to cancer posted about it.

Because so many people posted about it, SELF had to do something. Their apology was weak but I can guarantee they would not have apologized if it were not for the support online for Monika. SELF said they were taking down the "BS" section of their magazine, and I can guarantee they have probably been asked to do that numerous times. Every time was ignored. Now they had to do something. They had to apologize. They had to back track. They had to do all of this. If this story was not viral, there would not be an apology. The "BS" section would still be strong and they would do this again and again.

You all got the point. Trust me.

Because so many people posted about it Glam Runner has had too many orders for tutus.

Because so many people got the point, this turned into a wonderful celebration for Monika. She should have been interviewed in the first place.

There are so many different angles to it.

Here is the point in my eyes.

No one likes bullies. Sometimes you have to let them know.

Everyone did.