No one owns these voters.“Bernie can’t say, ‘Not me. Us,’ and then ignore us.”

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U.S. government actions rarely reflect the will of our people, but that’s about to change thanks to an overdue turnover in generations. The supermajority of U.S. citizens, 66%, two-thirds, hold Progressive views. Deeply protective of land, air, water and all people, they oppose political corruption, corporate government, militarized police and aggressive warfare. Because of politicians who are taking bribes thinly veiled as “campaign donations” and “speaking fees” from global corporations like Goldman Sachs (which funded Hillary Clinton and now furnishes most of Donald Trump’s cabinet), our supermajority has not had representation in U.S, government in 40 years.

Mesmerized by the shiny things that money could buy, Baby Boomers born 1945-1964 have complacently watched the long slide of the United States into corporate oligarchy. However -- to the endless delight of the slender crew of now-old folks who have been fighting for social democracy all their lives -- the Gen-X/Millennials, those people born after the mid-1960s, are kicking tail.

Vastly more numerous than the Boomers, younger voters realize that if they could get rid of corrupt politicians, they could break the chokehold that global corporations have on us, and rebuild a representative government. Determined to do it, they’re full of surprises. Their support is extremely active and effective, but is withdrawn the moment that an official betrays them. That’s the kind of attention to detail that creates representative government.

Senator Bernie Sanders for example was in 2015 the only experienced federal politician who didn’t take corporate money, and indeed hadn’t for 42 years. Discovering that, Progressives drafted him to run for U.S. president. Coming to love Bernie, the knowledgeable, passionate, high energy activist with the crown of tufted white hair, they showed up in the tens of thousands at rallies and did the grunt work of his campaign.

Thanks to their lifting him, the previously unknown Sanders is the country’s most trusted politician, with a 60% approval rating. That includes 73% approval among African Americans whom the mainstream media continue to pretend Sanders “cannot reach”.

When Sanders champions Progressive issues, moreover, he can depend on Progressives deluging Congress with mail and phone calls, donating money while refusing money to the other side, marching peacefully in the streets, forming movements, mounting extremely effective online publicity campaigns. Therefore, although the corporately-funded politicians that run the Democratic Party are kneecapping Sanders at every turn, with his expertise plus Progressive pressure, he has for example managed to get Medicare for all, without co-pays (which Medicare has) and with mental illness, eye and dental coverage (which Medicare lacks) on the table.

"This is an especially gratifying moment for the tens of thousands of nurses across the US who have dedicated years of effort to transform our health care system from an profiteering industry based on greed and suffering to patient need and healing," National Nurses United Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro said in a prepared statement.

Sanders’ slogan, “Not me. Us”, salutes that synergy, which works.

There are however hard limits.

That massive support is however conditional. Granted, some folks who voted for Sanders, especially young ones awakened by Bernie’s speeches, are followers who might march in any direction that Bernie chooses. Most Progressives however are supporters who back him only as far as he is true to his own stated principles — and theirs.

In their view, for example, the U.S. should be a green, diverse democracy with no pretensions of “regime change”: imperial aggressive war aimed at toppling another country’s government. So when Sanders denounced regime change during his campaign, he got their considerable applause. When he recently championed regime change in Syria, Progressives denounced both it and him for suggesting it

Most Progressives like most U.S. citizens want a clean new major party. Registered Independent Sanders himself is not a Democrat. Yet he holds the post of Democratic Party outreach director, and is urging Progressives to instead take over the Democratic Party and reform it. Four solid opportunities to found a new party, which given the number of Progressives could be born big, have appeared over the last year. Sanders has blocked each one. That divides Progressives, whose strength is unity. Increasing numbers of Progressives therefore have moved not only past the Democrats, but past Bernie -- although they keep inviting him to come along -- and are linking up with other Progressives, laying the groundwork for a supermajority Progressive party.

Horrified old line Democrats, accustomed to commanding not representing citizens, demand that Bernie “control his voters.”

Global corporations controlling party bigwigs and/or party bigwigs controlling voters is how bossism not representative government works. Citizens in a boss system are loyal and obedient and never forget routine kick-backs and pay-offs. Progressives reviving a democracy by contrast expect Bernie and all other officials to lead them where the supermajority of voters have chosen to go, while protecting those who disagree.

Nobody including Bernie controls these voters.

As a supporter said “Bernie can’t say, ‘Not me. Us,’ and then ignore us.”


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