No Other Musician Came Close To Making As Much Money As Taylor Swift In 2015

They didn't even stand a chance.
"Thanks for all the money, everyone!" 
"Thanks for all the money, everyone!" 

The haters can keep on hate-hate-hating on Taylor Swift, because she's probably too busy laughing all the way to the bank to care.

The "Out of the Woods" singer topped Billboard's Top Money-Makers list of 2015, meaning she (unsurprisingly) earned more than every other musician last year. 

Thanks to her star-studded 1989 World Tour, which grossed $61.7 million, Swift easily cemented the top spot. Add the $4.1 million in publishing royalties (largely from Ryan Adams' moody "1989" cover album) plus $7.2 million in sales and $564,000 from streaming, and she's got a whopping $33.7 million over the year's second-highest earning star, Kenny Chesney. (To save you from having to do that math, Chesney earned $39.8 million.) Yeah, no one even stood a chance. 

Coming in at No. 3 are The Rolling Stones, who earned $39.6 million largely thanks to their first North American tour since 2007. Rounding out the top five are Billy Joel and One Direction, who earned $31.7 million and $24.2 million respectively. 

Adele, who released her album, "25," at the end of 2015 and began touring in early 2016, nabbed the ninth spot with earnings of $20.5 million. But if we were placing bets for 2016's top money-maker, we'd go all in for the "25" singer. 



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