No Shitholes In The Eyes Of Jesus

When God put Jesus in Mary's womb, He knew He would be from Nazareth. And He knew that Nathanael would proclaim, "Nazareth?!? Can anything good come from there?". Moreover, when Jesus chose to walk through Samaria, He knew of the hatred, strife and anger between the Jews and the Samaritans. He knew that the Jews thought them to be heretics, inferior human beings and wholly unworthy of the Love of God. Finally, when Saul was converted to Paul on the road to Damascus and sent to the Gentiles, God knew that the Jewish people did not believe them to be worthy of salvation or relationship with Him. And for preaching this, He knew Paul would be killed.

We see over and over again that neighborhoods, countries, and even people groups are shitholes to political and religious leaders but to Jesus, these are only places and people in need of radical inclusion into the family of God. Fortunately, Presidents did not form the children of Haiti, El Salvador and Cameroon in their mothers' wombs. The forefathers of the United States are not the Fathers of Creation. And so the description that God spoke when He formed humanity for the first time, "VERY GOOD" is still true for my brothers and sisters who hold residence in Honduras and Morocco. Trump is not God and the United States is not Heaven. The Constitution is not the Holy Bible. And that is where our value, dignity, and worthy were decided.

The United States can make laws but it cannot confer value on humanity, nor can it take it away. Senators, Representatives and elected officials can disagree with Trump, but if they root their argument in a plaque on the Statue of Liberty then their words are not strong enough to break the binds of racial and economic oppression and white supremacy. The only power that destroys the dividing walls of hostility is the resurrection of Jesus and an uncomparable, uncompromising invitation to Holy Family of God.

May followers of Jesus embrace their positions of power and influence and leverage them for the flourishing of all people and the reflection of the Kingdom of God; and the destruction of any power that would come against it through generosity, sacrificial love, and prayerful, compassionate resistance. From the pulpit to the pew and from park benches to boardrooms would the Good News of Jesus be proclaimed that there are no shitholes in this world and every person is made in the image of God to flourish, work, rule and create. It does not matter what those with earthly wealth and power do or say, because their power is no match for the power of God.

Jesus, come in power and authority and give us courage to love those who are constantly pressed down by those in positions of earthly power. Give us strength to persevere, ears to hear your voice, eyes to see the family You are creating, and discernment to know our part. Hallelujah and Amen.