No Tar Sands Oil Campaign Urges President Obama To Stop Keystone XL Cross-Country Pipeline (VIDEO)

President Obama couldn't prevent the BP Gulf Oil Spill. But is he prepared to prevent the next one? That's the question posed in this new ad sponsored by the No Tar Sands Oil campaign.

The movement is focused on urging the President and US State Department to oppose a reportedly 2,000-mile dirty tar sands oil pipeline, the Keystone XL. The pipeline would run from Canada through six US states, to Gulf Coast refineries. Activists are concerned that public water supplies, crops, and wildlife habitats will be at risk when 900,000 barrels a day of dirty oil are transported across our country's heartland.

According to the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund, the President and US State Department have the power to require an additional Environmental Impact Assessment. Members of Congress and the EPA have already requested this measure be taken.

The ad campaign will feature TV ads on CNN, MSNBC, and Comedy Central. Political websites and DC radio stations will also be targeted. The No Tar Sands Oil Campaign is sponsored by an overwhelming number of groups, including Corporate Ethics International, NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council), Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, and Rainforest Action Network. The campaigns asks that people urge Obama to stop the pipeline from being built by visiting The National Wildlife Federation website.

WATCH this ad urging Obama to take action: