No Terror Funding? Consider the October Surprise 2008

Why cut New York's terror protection to the bone? Experience has shown that however bad we assume this administration's motivations to be, their true motivations are actually far worse.
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At the risk of offending the slightly left-coastal bias of Huffpost with a very right-coast post...a word or two about the incredible Congressional debate - and still baffling DHS conclusion - that New York City has no national icons worthy of terrorist interest. Or therefore worth protecting.

One possible explanation of this insane assertion is that Michael Chertoff believes we don't need much money because we've no longer got the one vulnerable national icon we used to have: the World Trade Center.

Another - probably nearer the mark - is that not only is New York a blue city it's Yankee blue and the vile neo-Confederate oligarchy that's been dragging the nation through a swamp of dishonor and corruption for the past six years, hates New York with that bestial unreasoning hatred only our southern brethren and sistren are capable of -at least if they're 'Christians'.

But experience has shown that however bad we assume this administration's motivations to be, their true motivations are actually far worse; and further that like all the other members of the Cabinet, Chertoff doesn't do anything unless he's told to by the fat sack of moral sewage that's currently masquerading as Vice-President.

Bearing these two august principles in mind consider one possible scenario that might result from cutting NY's terror protection to the bone:

It's October 2008. The election is coming down to the wire, a tight race between Hillary and McCain (or Russ Feingold and Jeb Bush or Evan Bayh and George Allen - it doesn't really matter).

The 11th is a crisp fall morning with the sun glinting off the East River from a spotless hard-blue sky and a brisk nor'wester whistling through the concrete canyons, raising everyone's spirits and somehow conveying a sense of promise.

Rather like another crisp fall morning a few years back.

The UN Headquarters, one of New York's best-known national icons, is packed. Ditto the General Assembly, in session to debate a set of ultra-draconian sanctions on Iran, the only way it has left to hold back the dogs of war aka John Bolton.

Bolton and the American delegation however are in DC in 'urgent consultation' with the White House.

At 9.01.24 am, the UN Building, which has received no anti-terror funding whatsoever from city, state or DHS, explodes from four massive bombs set at its base corners - in much the same way conspiracy buffs maintain that the Twin Towers were actually brought low. Severed from its foundations the glass and concrete structure abruptly collapses. Before the 39th floor has hit the ground, the General Assembly next door, explodes also.

The carnage is enormous. But at least on 10/11, first responders are not in jeopardy. Minutes later the NYPD receives a call claiming responsibility from an unknown group linked to the Iranian secret service calling itself Iranian Jihad. Within the hour the President of Iran denies all responsibility and blames Mossad for the atrocity thereby confirming for the vast majority of Americans (and many Europeans) that Iran is indeed responsible.

Of course the right doesn't give a shit about the demise of the UN and the death of thousands of foreigners. Au contraire, several prominent denizens of rightwing hate-radio pop champagne corks on the air. They're quickly silenced by Central Command; the official line being that the nation mourns the massive loss of 'innocent' life and vows equally massive revenge against the perps.

The Democrats having blown control of the House in 2006 Congress votes overwhelmingly to declare war on Iran. Overnight the cretin from Crawford is re-transformed from a ridiculed lame duck into a fearless leader leading the nation once more to certain victory. As the bombs of Operation Divine Vengeance begin to fall on key Iranian cities, Bush's approval rating climbs from 18% to 38, then 48 then 60, 70 and right back to 80.

Loyal and gallant McCain (or Jeb or George) steps aside to allow Fearless Leader to run for a third term. Hillary (or Russ or Evan) screams foul but the blogocracy is in rare agreement: if a Democrat once took advantage of a World War to run for a third term, why can't a Republican? Aren't we in another World War?

Bush runs, wins in a landslide. Plus of course the UN is gone forever along with all those pesky foreigners with their lib-left notions about international law-courts and global initiatives on health and poverty and the environment and truly eliminating nukes world-wide.

Outrageous? Implausible? Paranoid? That's what we would have said - before they happened - about any of the outrages perpetrated so far by the current junta. Learn from experience. That New York needs far fewer bucks per person than folks in Montana to protect them from terror attacks is beyond outrageous. So it's reasonable to assume the most outrageous explanation for this cynical measure. They might even be planning it this October.

Frankly from now until Nov 5th 2008, I'm steering clear of 1st Avenue and 42nd Street.

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