No, The Internet Can't Tell This Mom Apart From Her Daughters

We couldn't, either.

One of these ladies gave birth to the other two.

Kaylan Mahomes is a high school student from Indianapolis. Recently, she posted a photo to Twitter of her, her twin sister, Kyla, and mom, Tina Brown, 35, in the car, CNN reported. But the Internet can't seem to tell the difference between the women.

The tweet has gotten more than 30,000 likes and 20,000 retweets since it was posted. Kaylan told ABC News that their mom often gets mistaken for their older sister. While she appreciates the compliments, Brown says she wants her girls to focus on other things.

"I do try to drink water although I don't drink as much as I should," she told ABC. "While looking nice on the outside is great ... I do teach the girls to focus more on education and inner beauty."

The twins are excited about all the attention their story has gotten, and all three have already been approached by modeling agencies, a rep for the family told The Huffington Post.

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