No Turning Back Now

Ok, no turning back now. We are on our way heading to Dallas, TX. The state that is the number one CO2 emitter in the country... a perfect place to kick off the Stop Global Warming College Tour! By the way, our bus alone is already the talk of the cb radio set, making friends with truckers and drivers along the highway. You can't miss this thing with its huge Stop Global Warming logo wrapped around it.

Typical girls - we both just exchanged jewelry gifts... reminders for us when we start to get cranky. (LD - I gave Sheryl a silver snowflake... just one symbol of what is at stake.) (SC - I gave Laurie a gold charm with green emeralds spelling... you guessed it - green.) We both just read the LA Times article "Dire Warming Report Too Soft" and recommitted ourselves (as if that was necessary) as to why we are embarking on these 2 weeks touring colleges thru the Southeast urging college students to become part of the movement to stop global warming.

SC: I personally cannot wait to experience Laurie's first bus ride which will begin at the airport. Suffice it to say, Hud (Chris Hudson, our tour manager) has already arranged to have the rose' chilled and waiting.

LD: I personally cannot wait to see Sheryl's reaction when she finds out I'm tone deaf and want to sing back up for her!

More soon from the road....

Laurie and Sheryl