No Words...

"Let there be such oneness between us that when one cries, the other tastes salt." ~ Rosabelle Believe

No words can fill in the deep wound inflicted on the collective soul of humankind last Sunday in Orlando. No pithy mimes or images can, or will, make us feel better about this tragedy--nor should they. Sometimes the greatest healing balm for the heart and soul is silence, reflection, and the awareness we are not alone. Let us, with as much compassion and courage as we can muster, be present and accounted for with one another. Irrespective of our gender and gender preference, color, ethnicity, nationality, religion or age...let us be there FOR one another in whatever way is needed to regain wholeness as a species.


United we rise, divided we fall; this is not meant to be a metaphor--it is the quintessential truth which our collective soul is now calling us to embrace so that IT may regain its balance. How many more assaults with it take on the soul of humankind to awaken to the fact that, in spite of all appearances, there really is only One of us here. May we always remember this--and may peace prevail on planet earth.

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