New York

'No York City': A Frantic, Hypnotic Look At 1980's New York (VIDEO)

Rick Liss' past-paced, trippy short film "No York City" is an erratic witness to New York in 1980. Liss flies by the Twin Towers, down a graffitied Sixth Avenue and in between dated crowds, racing through Central Park and ultimately getting drunk with a bunch of mimes by the boat house. But in many ways, 1980 NYC looks shockingly similar to 2011 NYC (have they updated, or cleaned, the subway since then?).

The pacing, the hyperventilating commute, the rush through jagged mazes and subway corridors and crowds, the drunk, Parisian mimes, all feels quite familiar (maybe not the mimes). But in between the overly artful cuts (zooming into Harings and Basquiats) is a great look at a city half-gone.