Noah: Aventura, Florida, September, 2017

I met Noah last year in Whole Foods - he asked me if I wanted to put on tefillin (, which I always do when opportunities such as this present themselves. I'm not religious on a day to day basis, but I do it to honor my Father, of blessed memory, who was religious. We did it right in the middle of Whole Foods, with many customers and staff around, including saying the brucha and reciting the Shema. Today we saw and greeted each other. This time we went out front of the store amidst heavy post hurricane foot traffic in and out. We wrapped the tefillin, said the brucha and recited the Shema only this time Noah explained everything to me deliberately and with care and joy, line by line. After, we spoke (mostly him talking, me listening to his great knowledge and devotion) about Torah, Mashiach, reuniting with departed loved ones and the deep essence of true Judaism. It was a blessed encounter in many ways.

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