Noah Beschen Is A 13-Year-Old Surfing Prodigy -- And This Video Will Amaze You

You could say that Noah Beschen was destined to take an interest in surfing: His dad is legendary surfer Shane Beschen and he grew up on the North Shore of Oahu (Hawaii's surfing mecca). But not even his family could have predicted just how talented the 13-year-old would become at the sport.

Noah was identified as a child surf prodigy around the age of nine and he's only gotten better since then. The little grommet (surfer slang for "young surfer") has shown off his talents in a number of videos over the past four years and he's won over almost 13,000 Instagram followers.

Noah certainly looks the part: he has sun-bleached, shaggy hair and a mischievous smile. And he definitely acts the part: he skateboards, he rocks board shorts and he's quick with a joke.

But the most amazing part is watching him cut, slice and glide through waves more than triple his size like it's child's play. In the below video -- appropriately called "Play" -- watch as Noah catches more adrenaline in three minutes than most people do in a lifetime.

Thanks for the inspiration, little grom!



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