Noah Centineo Gives Deeply Confusing Speech That We Can't Stop Watching

But what does it MEAN?

The leading philosopher of our time and Netflix’s go-to rom-com star, Noah Centineo, was the belle (bro?) of the ball that was the People’s Choice Awards on Sunday night.

The actor took home the trophy in the Best Comedy Movie Star category for his performance in “The Perfect Date” ― with a newly replaced knee no less.

With the help of presenter Sarah Hyland and a leg brace ― the star recently underwent surgery after a sports injury ― Centineo made his way to the stage to deliver a speech that started out well, but ended with a deeply confused platitude.

“I just want to say. thank you everyone at home. You are the reason I’m on this stage,” he told the crowd. “You are the reason I get to do what I am passionate about. You are the reason that I have a platform that I can help hopefully make the world a bit of better place.”

And that’s when things took a turn for the worse, as Centineo tried to wrap up the speech on an inspiring and unintentionally hilarious note.

“Before I go I just want to say, it matters not what you’ve done but what you do with what you’ve done for others,” he continued.

Wait ... come again? Centineo seemingly tried to put his own spin on President John F. Kennedy’s quote about public service from his 1961 inaugural address, but confused just about everybody along the way.

Of course, everyone watching at home couldn’t help but poke fun on social media at the awkward moment.

Centineo punctuated his final thought by sticking out his tongue, perhaps signaling to us all that we shouldn’t look too deeply into the sentiment.

So until he fully explains what he meant, we’ll just be over here wondering what we can do with what we’ve done for others.

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