Student With Down Syndrome's Reaction To Getting Into College Makes Us Want To High-Five Him

For many high school seniors, there is one coveted piece of mail that has the power to change lives -- a college acceptance or rejection letter.

Noah VanVooren, who has Down syndrome, has been waiting in anticipation for his letter from Edgewood College in Madison, Wis. That's why when the letter finally arrived last week, he could barely contain his excitement -- even before he opens it!

Watch the video above to see VanVooren totally lose it over some of the best news ever: He was accepted.

If VanVooren seems familiar, it may be because you remember when the Little Chute High School senior (and football team waterboy) scored a touchdown with the help of his teammates, last fall. The crowd went totally wild, and we have a feeling they're still supporting him now.

Congratulations Noah, we hope it's going to be a great year!



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