Man Vows To Eat Jason Segel's Picture Every Day Until Actor Eats His

This video is hard to swallow.

Chew on this: A Toronto man wants a taste of celebrity and he’ll stomach anything to get it.

Noah Maloney, who posts YouTube videos under the moniker “Dog Shirt,” (previously, “Dog Shit”) has vowed to eat a picture of actor Jason Segel every day until the actor returns the, well, you can’t really call it a favor.

Maloney posted his first video on Thursday and he spends four minutes and 21 seconds chewing on Segel’s headshot.

HuffPost has reached out to Maloney and Segel to get their reactions, but both have kept their lips sealed thus far.

The complete video is above, but you can watch the best parts through the magic of “GIF-arama.”

Here he is taking his first bites.

Now he’s working on the head.

You can’t eat that much fibrous paper without a water break.

Keeping your mouth closed when chewing up a photo of actor Jason Segel is the epitome of good manners.

Of course, when your nose itches, it’s hard not to scratch.

Mmmm, the last bite is just as good as the first (which probably wasn’t that good to begin with).

This story has been updated to reflect that the name of Maloney’s YouTube channel has changed from “Dog Shit” to “Dog Shirt.”



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