Noah Thompson Wins 'American Idol' After Battling Sore Throat From COVID

"My heart is beating out of my chest," the champion said.

Noah Thompson, a country singer from Louisa, Kentucky, won Season 20 of “American Idol” on Sunday.

Thompson performed Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire,” his own “One Day Tonight” and Rihanna’s “Stay,” People reported. “Stay” was also the bold out-of-his-genre choice that seized judge Luke Bryan’s attention during Hollywood Week. (Check out Thompson’s finale acts below.)

Thompson came out on top after 16 million votes were cast with HunterGirl finishing second and Leah Marlene third, USA Today reported.

“Oh my God ... my heart is beating out of my chest, this is crazy,” Thompson said, per People.

Thompson, a construction worker whose best friend secretly signed him up for the show and let him know later, overcame a bout with COVID-19 in a previous round. He performed virtually and still won over the judges. “I’ve never had such a sore throat my entire life,” he said at the time.

Thompson has a 1-year-old son, so the show’s prize, which has included a record deal in past seasons, should come in handy.

He also performed a duet with Melissa Etheridge ...

and took a victory lap by singing an encore of “One Day Tonight.”

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