Nobel Prize Means No US or Israeli Attack on Iran

I continue to be delighted that the President won the Nobel Peace Prize. Yes, it was, in part, given not in recognition of past achievements but prospectively. The Nobel Committee wants him to be the kind of president who earns a peace prize. So do I.

And that pretty much means that the Iran nuclear issue is going to be resolved diplomatically. Either diplomacy will convince Iran to drop plans for a bomb -- if it has such plans. Or else we will accept Iran's right to a bomb under the same terms and restrictions as the other nuclear armed signatories of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

President Obama was not inclined to attack Iran's facilities or to allow Israel to do so before winning the Nobel Peace Prize. The early awarding of this prize will only strengthen him in that resolve. The "bomb Iran" option is off the table.

That is one reason the neocons are is beside themselves over the awarding of this prize. They understand its implications. Those on the left who are not celebrating Obama's selection do not.