Nobody Cares. Work Harder.

I never tell my clients how old I am. Unlike most other things, people actually care about experience. When they are audacious enough to ask, I answer reluctantly.

Every time, I am tempted to justify myself: I started young, I don't waste time, I'm freakishly smart. Younger me would have tried desperately to make them care. Experienced me does no such thing, instead, I show them.

People will always care more about what you can do for them, than what you say about yourself.

In fact, it is not what you say, but what you do that defines your career. And your personal life for that matter. We make clear our innermost priorities by how we choose to spend our most finite resource, time.

I have changed so much since my first foray into the world of Public Relations. While my work experience formed my PR principles, it is the shift in my personal convictions about work that have improved my career the most.

As I celebrate SJ Communications 3rd anniversary, I now realize that launching a business is a lesson in humility. Much like starting your career, there is so much sweat, doubt, and fear in the beginning.

To succeed on your own, your motivation must be intrinsic.

Because, as it turns out, nobody cares. Waiting for recognition stunts growth and thwarts careers. Rather than work in hopes that someone will recognize your talent, pour yourself into work that you enjoy (for the most part) and let the outcome speak for itself.

I can now pull off my twelve years of experience because my work ethic is on pointe. Hard work, the kind that surpasses expectations, is the only way to set yourself or your company apart.

Here are 7 ways you can work harder regardless of who cares:

Every time you want to put something off, don't. Instead, start working on it.

Every time you work, start with the tasks that will contribute most to your success.

Every time you want to stop working and there is still 15% to go, don't. Just deliver.

Every time you go to say no, I can't, or the problem is, don't. Be positive instead.

Every time you get discouraged by slow progress, think back six months, or a year.

Every time you want to give up, don't. Your failures define your success.

Every time you go looking for recognition, stop. Work harder and it will find you.