No-Cost Advice, Support and Resources for Parents Coping With Divorce Issues Available in January

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It's no surprise that more divorces are filed in January, following the holiday season, than in any other month. That's why, as founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network, I selected January to be recognized as International Child-Centered Divorce Month each year.

The goal is to educate parents about how to prevent negative consequences for children during and after separation or divorce. We also want to alert parents about the effects of divorce on children - and how to safeguard their wellbeing, co-parent more effectively and avoid serious mistakes during and long after a divorce.

I've asked divorce attorneys, mediators, therapists, financial planners, coaches, parenting experts and other professionals around the world to participate by providing complimentary educational material for parents. This now includes ebooks, coaching services, videos, audio programs and other valuable resources. We invite parents who are contemplating divorce, divorcing or transitioning after divorce to access this material at a special website available throughout January:

In addition, parents will also find listings of free workshops, expert interviews and other special events being held during January on the Events Calendar at the same website.

Participating divorce professionals want to remind parents about their responsibility to their children's wellbeing before, during and after divorce. Our purpose is education and mistake prevention. We want to encourage respectful co-parenting, teach effective communication skills, and guide parents away from litigation and toward cooperative, mediated solutions whenever possible.

Among those participating are Divorce Magazine who has been supporting this initiative for four years. Martha Chan, Co-owner of Divorce Magazine says, "When children are involved, divorce can get even more complicated. ICCD Month reminds and helps parents to bring the focus back on the children."

Lacy Gow, Divorce Mediator and Co-founder of, an online communication tool for divorced parents, is providing a complimentary month of co-parenting services. She says "We look forward to collaborating with great minds across the globe on such an important topic and are very thankful for all the hard work on this impressive event."

Two Families Now is a video program designed for successful co-parenting from IRIS Educational Media. They are providing an informative audio series for ICCD Month participants. "We believe parents can learn to work past their differences and raise healthy, happy children through all their transitions," says Kali Orkin, Marketing Manager.

The caliber of all the advice, tools and resources is top notch.

Everyone knows parental decisions about divorce can affect and scar children - for years - and often for a lifetime. Our message to divorcing parents: Regardless of your own emotional state, it is essential to put your children's needs first when making decisions related to divorce or separation!

You can take advantage of all the no-cost resources, interviewss and related events taking place in January for International Child-Centered Divorce Month by visiting

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