How To Find Out If Your Friends Are Lying About Their #NoFilter Instagram Pics

Instagram's filters can make your legs look tanner and your sunsets look more majestic, but sometimes people leave the filters off their photos and tag them with #nofilter to prove just how magical their real lives are.

But the popular hashtag begs the questions: Is your friend's skin really that glowing? A new site called Filter Fakers lets you bust people who violate the social contract that is #nofilter.

All you have to do is plug the photo's URL into the site and the filter, if any, will be revealed. The site also has a feed of offending Instagrammers.

filter fakers

filter fakers

filter fakers

So, what's the lesson here? Don't be ashamed of using Instagram's filters. Those filters are what Instagram is based on, and anyone who knows you knows that you don't look like that. (Also, girls, you need to quit it with those legs-at-the-beach pics.)

Plus, now that your followers are able to publicly shame you when you lie, it's not worth the risk. Social media has a way of sussing out the truth.



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