NOFX Singer Fat Mike Punches Fan Who Jumped On Stage

Some fans bring home t-shirts after seeing their favorite bands, others bring home a bloody lip.

Such was the case for an overzealous NOFX fan at the band's Sydney, Australia show on Tuesday night.

The fan jumped onstage and wrapped his arm around lead singer Fat Mike, only to get a fist in the face and then kicked once he fell to the ground, before he was carted off by security.

After the incident the fan, known as Alex, tweeted an apology to Fat Mike for "creepin' up" on him on stage. He also posted a photo of his injuries.

Fat Mike also apologized to Alex, and even offered to buy him a beer at the band's next show:

In the end, it's probably a better souvenir (and a better story) than a t-shirt.

H/T Noisey

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