Nokia Uses Dismembered Barbies To Pitch New Nokia N8 Pink (VIDEO)

Nokia Uses Dismembered Barbies To Pitch New Phone

What sells cell phones better than dismembered, dancing Barbie dolls?

Using Lady Gaga as a spiritual guide, Nokia is using an edgy -- read: frightening -- ad campaign/music video to sell the Nokia N8 Pink.

To mixed reviews, cell phone companies have begun marketing smart phones to a more female audience. Although the N8 Pink comes with a "Little Pink Diva" theme and Elle fashion app on top of standard features, we were too distracted by the tatooed (naked) Barbies, and dolls wearing phone bras (who can spin their head all the way around a la "The Exorcist") to pay attention to the technological perks.

Check out the video below, then let us know what you think of the ad.

The making of:

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