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Nole Marin Accused Of Sexually Harassing Male Model Nicholas Hammam-Howe

Update: We were emailed the following statement from Attorney Jeff Sanders (Ritzholz Levy Sanders Chidekel & Field LLP) on behalf of Nole Marin:

“The complaint is rife with so many false allegations –- from the mundane to the sensational, that Mr. Hammam-Howe’s attorneys should be ashamed. Mr. Nole is an icon of the fashion industry who will not be intimidated by Mr. Hammam-Howe’s desperate fiction, and will defend these claims vigorously.”

Previously: Stylist and former "America's Next Top Model" and "True Beauty" judge Nole Marin has been aeccused of sexually harassing model-hopeful Nicholas Hammam-Howe, the New York Daily News reports. While no age for Hammam-Howe has been given, he supposedly has a master's degree in business, so we're guessing he's at least 25.

According to the lawsuit, the pair met in alone in Marin's apartment in 2007 to discuss the possibility of Hammam-Howe doing some underwear modeling and Hammam-Howe claims Marin came onto him, remarking, "It's a very sexual industry."

Marin initiated contact with Hammam-Howe again this year, texting him, "I want you to be an underwear king!!!" Hammam-Howe said he agreed to go back to Marin's apartment and that, "Marin reached into Hammam-Howe's underwear. 'You want to be a superstar?' he is accused of saying. 'You can be a superstar,'" the Daily News writes.

Marin reportedly continued to contact Hammam-Howe, asking for sexual favors and Hammam-Howe believes that his refusal has stunted his career. Marin's manager told the New York Post, "there is no truth to any" of the allegations.

WATCH an interview with Marin from 2009 in which he talks about inner and outer beauty: