12 Non-Latino Actors Who've Played Hispanics (SLIDESHOW)

What Hollywood Thinks Latino Looks Like

It's no secret that Latinos often get passed up for the best roles in Hollywood -- even when those roles call for Hispanics.

The long-running controversy cropped up once again last year when Ben Affleck chose himself to play the role of CIA agent Tony Mendez in a dramatization of a true story about rescuing U.S. hostages in Iran. "Argo" may not have been the best film to make the case, since Mendez doesn't really think of himself as Hispanic, but the issue resurfaced nonetheless.

To Affleck's credit, however, Hollywood has a long history of picking non-Latinos to play Hispanics, stretching back to the mid-20th century. If you haven't seen Marlon Brando cast as Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata, or John Turturro's classic interpretation of a sexually deviant bowler, now's your chance.

Check out 12 non-Latino actors cast as Hispanics in the slideshow above.