Non-Newtonian Fluids Rock Out As Stars Of Jack White's New Music Video

WATCH: Trippy Music Video Demonstrates Physics In Wild Ways

The popular new music video for musician Jack White's song "High Ball Stepper" is more than just fantastically awesome. It's science.

The video opens with the image of a blue gloppy liquid covering up a speaker and vibrating to a rhythmic beat. The trippy visual actually highlights the physics of non-Newtonian fluids. Such fluids -- like ketchup or blood or yogurt, for instance -- have different flow properties than Newtonian fluids, such as water or milk.

Why is that? Non-Newtonian fluids have properties of both liquids and solids. Just see for yourself in the video above.

And after you're finished watching and learning about non-Newtonian physics, you get the opportunity to switch gears to some sand on a Chladni plate, whereby you can watch and learn more about the historical experiment that served "as the basis for the scientific understanding of sound." Rock on.

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