Christmas Gifts 2010: Non-Material Green Presents

You know the feeling. It's December 26th. The gift-giving fury has ended, and all you have left is the carnage of plastic wrapping, boxes, gift paper, and... the stuff. All those material items you bought for each other. The jewelry you'll lose, the video games you'll get bored of, the clever tie you'll never wear, and the plastic toys that'll break, as all plastic toys must.

Then again, you will probably lose interest before any of this stuff even gets to the breaking stage. Because that's what happens with most material items. We long for them until we have them. Then we feel a rush of short-lived excitement. And then we lose interest and start creating a 2011 wish-list.

So this year, we present to you a (relatively) material-free gift guide. Some of these gifts have sentiment, others will foster memories, a few are simple feel-goods, and most have a pretty darn low carbon footprint. Here's to less plastic carnage on December 26th!

Non-Material Gift Guide