How Nonprofits Used Social Media To Increase Giving In 2012 (INFOGRAPHIC)

INFOGRAPHIC: How Nonprofits Used Social Media To Increase Giving In 2012

For nonprofits that used social media this year, likes and retweets translated into much more than popularity, they meant racking up more dollars and cents.

MDG Advertising analyzed the social media trends of nonprofits in 2012 and found that now, more than ever, organizations are using their online networks -- and those that took advantage of the tools were better able to ramp up their fundraising efforts.

More people are giving online and nonprofits have uncovered just how effective getting the word out on Facebook and Twitter can be. When a Facebook user posts about a cause, for example, that mention leads to 68 percent of their contacts learning more about the organization and 39 percent to actually donate to it, according to MDG. Twitter mentions of fundraising events can yield up to 10 times more in donations.

Perhaps one of the greatest social media successes of 2012 proved to be the Giving Tuesday campaign, which was promoted heavily on Facebook and Twitter. For the first time ever, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the biggest shopping holidays of the year, were followed by a day devoted to donating money to charity.

Giving Tuesday spurred $10 million in donations -- a 53 percent increase from donations received on the same day last year, according to a statement released by the UN Foundation.

“Altogether, social giving is getting respect and results worldwide,” MDG Advertising concluded. “Its rapid rate of growth is changing the face and future of charitable donations as social media grants great power to good will.”

Infographic by MDG Advertising

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