Instant Pot Noodle Vending Machine Is A Drunken Dream Come True

"This is probably the best news I've heard all year."

An instant noodle vending machine has come to the U.K., and the good people of Nottingham are rejoicing.

Behold the Pot Noodle contraption in all its glory. It's fully equipped with hot water and a fork, and will be dispensing the instant snack day or night.

Alex Britton/PA Wire

As you can see, it's not working yet. But once it is, we predict that hungry pedestrians -- especially the drunk ones -- will be drawn like moths to a flame.

The instant noodle vending machine is located on Nottingham's Mansfield Road, which is home to many students and a main route home from a number of bars and clubs.

"This is probably the best news I’ve heard all year," University of Nottingham student Tom Reynolds told the Metro newspaper.

"Finally, Nottingham giving something back to the drunk people," a Twitter user called Josh Ison wrote.

ITV reported that this is the first Pot Noodle vending machine in Britain. Hopefully it won't be the last. Residents of Manchester and Yorkshire are already tweeting about their towns' need for immediate noodle gratification, too.

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