Nora Ephron Books 'Crazy Salad' And 'Scribble Scribble,' Out-Of-Print Collections, Will Be Reissued

2 Nora Ephron Books Being Reissued

Nora Ephron fans, clear a space on your bookshelves. Two essay collections by the late writer -- "Crazy Salad: Some Thoughts About Women" and "Scribble Scribble: Notes on the Media" -- will be published in a single volume on October 16, according to Vintage Books.

Ephron published both books in the 1970s, and according to Entertainment Weekly's Shelf Life blog, "Scribble Scribble" has been out of print since 1984 and "Crazy Salad" since 1991. The latter includes Ephron's famous essay "A Few Words About Breasts," in which she wrote: "If I had had them, I would have been a completely different person. I honestly believe that."

Copies of the out-of-print edition of "Crazy Salad" are currently for sale on eBay for $25 to $250, and "Scribble Scribble" is going for as much as $69.90.

Ephron died in June after a battle with leukemia. The beloved writer of "When Harry Met Sally..." and "Sleepless in Seattle" planned her own memorial service and saved her wishes in a file called "Exit."

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