Nora Ephron Talks Her Last Meal, Aging And More On 'Charlie Rose'

When Nora Ephron released her book, "I Remember Nothing," two years ago, the late beloved screenwriter, author and playwright sat down for a rare television interview with Charlie Rose.

Ephron ended "I Remember Nothing," which would become her last book, with two lists: "What I Won't Miss," and "What I Will Miss." Death was seemingly something she had thought about, even though she didn't make her battle with acute myeloid leukemia known to the public.

In her interview with Rose in late 2010, Ephron discussed the inspiration for her book, her mother's alcoholism, journalism, and also shared her thoughts on aging and why it's important to have your last meal.

"Is there anything right with getting older?" Ephron inquired when Rose asked what she doesn't like about the aging process. After he suggested wisdom, Ephron said: "Wisdom when you can't remember anything is not quite there. Having more time to read when you can't see? I don't think it's better to be older ... It doesn't have to be bad, but you have to know that at some point it will be -- and sooner rather than later, which is why it's very important to eat your last meal before it actually comes up."

Ephron, an admitted food lover, went on: "When you are actually going to have your last meal, you'll either be too sick to have it or you aren't gonna know it's your last meal and you could squander it on something like a tuna melt and that would be ironic. So it's important ... I feel it's important to have that last meal today, tomorrow, soon."

So what would her last meal be? A hot dog from Beverly Hill's famous Nate 'n Al deli ... with some Gulden's mustard and perhaps some sauerkraut or relish. Why Nate 'n Al's? "It's the greatest hot dog," Ephron explained.

And clearly, that wasn't the only deli that made an impression on Ephron or her fans: The iconic fake orgasm scene between Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan's characters at Katz's Deli in New York in "When Harry Met Sally" is movie legend and led to one of cinema's most famous quotes.