Nora Ephron's New York: Most Memorable Spots From Life And Film (SLIDESHOW)

Nora Ephron, known for classic films like "Sleepless In Seattle" and "When Harry Met Sally", spent most of her prolific career writing and shooting love letters to New York City, and created new meaning out of the city's most iconic settings. Ephron died Tuesday due to complications from the blood disorder myelodysplasia.

Ephron was born in NYC and moved to California when she was five. She moved back to New York in 1962, and in an essay for New York Magazine chronicled her initial experience.

"I’d known since I was 5, when my parents forced me to move to California, that I was going to live in New York eventually and that everything in between was just a horrible intermission. I’d spent those sixteen years imagining what New York was going to be like. I thought it was going to be the most exciting, magical, fraught-with-possibility place that you could ever live in; a place where if you really wanted something, you might be able to get it; a place where I’d be surrounded by people I was dying to be with. And I turned out to be right."

Below are some of Ephron's more memorable New York spots, from the Empire State Building at the end of "Sleepless" to her very first apartment on Sullivan Street. Ephron spent her last years with her husband Nicholas Pileggi in their Upper East Side apartment.

Nora Ephron's New York